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Innaloo is a mixed-use suburb 10 kilometres from Perth City. It is bound by Karrinyup Road to the north, Mitchell Freeway to the east, Scarborough Beach Road to the south and Huntriss Road to the west. Extensive development of Innaloo began in the 1940s, with many of the homes that stand today renovated or restored


The name Karrinyup was originally derived from the word Careniup, a Noongar name for a nearby swamp which means “the place where bush kangaroos graze”. In 1929, the foundation committee developing the Lake Karrinyup Country Club golf course opted to change the spelling. While the area had been subdivided by Charles Stoneman in 1904 and roads built, the


Woodlands is part of the original ‘Woodlands Estate’ owned by John Daniel Manning. Thomas William Mews was assigned a parcel of the land in 1831. Mews could not fulfil the required duties, and the grant passed to TRC Walters in 1840. It was later part of the land owned by John Daniel Manning. In 1842

Wembley Downs

Wembley Downs is an inner northwestern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. It is about 10 km from the Perth CBD. The name “Wembley Downs” is actually derived from the name of the local golf course and the name was used by residents before being officially approved in 1959. The golf course was named after the suburb


Balcatta’s name was derived from the Aboriginal words “Bal” meaning “his” and “Katta” meaning “hill”. The area became popular with Southern European migrant families, since it was one of the few areas that had not been settled and many migrant families wanted to build their own homes in their distinctive style, many complete with plaster figurines

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