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The name Yokine was derived from a Nyungar language word meaning dingo (which early settlers referred to as the “native dog”). The name was chosen because the area is close to Dog Swamp.

Yokine was part of the grant originally allocated to TRC Walters in 1840. Western Australian Golf Limited owned Yokine from at least 1927 and subdivided a small portion of land near the golf course. Before World War II the only house in Yokine was at the eastern end of Royal Street. Yokine experienced a housing boom after the war and much of the area near the golf course was developed by the early 1950s. The southern area grew rapidly in the 1960s and by the late 1970s Yokine was almost completely developed.

The entrance of the Dog Swamp Shopping Centre.

Dog Swamp Shopping Centre is a major shopping centre, located in Yokine.

The shopping centre was first opened in 1967. Prior to being taken over by the Westpac Diversified Property Trust, the centre was owned by the Foodland Associated Limited Property Trust. As of September 2007, the shopping centre has a 100% occupancy rate.

Flinders Shopping Centre is a shopping centre located in Yokine, adjacent to Dog Swamp Shopping Centre.

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